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Something Something, being a two-family house with folks who know and like each other, are seeking housemates.

Applicable to the entire house: queer, trans, POC, poly and kink friendly. The driveway parking is currently full-up, but there's always plenty of street-permit parking. The financial terms of the rooms will vary based on when the room is filled, and who-all is living in the whole house but would never (unless the rent is increased from the landlord) be higher than $660 and never be lower than $412. That is before utilities. But in good news on utilities, we share one internet connection across the two households. Men/women/both/neither are welcome.

Something Interesting is a no-pets three bedroom, spanning the second and third floors of this corner lot building. It has carpeting, a second floor porch/deck, and 1.5 baths. It also has the world's best and hugest linen closet. It has great light, and the second floor porch is a thing of joy. There's a huge amount of common space.

There are two bedrooms open, one now, one soon. The top-floor room is somewhat small, has a windowseat with storage overlooking the driveway, and is quite possibly the quietest bedroom in the whole house. It has a large, if slightly oddly shaped closet (very deep, not very wide), and surprisingly good light for a smallish room. This room is available NOW.

The second room *used* to be the living room, and is now a bedroom with a door to close. The only thing it lacks in its conversion is a "proper" closet. But it does have its own proprietary sun-nook with window seat large enough to curl up for a nap. The sun-nook is large enough for about a full sized bed. This room is for the photophilic: sun nook + three large windows with southeastern exposure == OMG LIGHT. This room is available about 12/1.

SI is inhabited by [ profile] barodar, a massage therapist. [ profile] dimers will be moving out by the end of November. There is a television, but no cable; hookups for washer dryer should you want to obtain same. It's a very chill, grown-ups live together and take care of their stuff kinda vibe; the housemate who is staying could probably get along with a very wide range of people, and is interested in same.

Something Completely Different has 5 bedrooms, a full bath, a water closet (!!) and another bathroom with shower but no tub. I live there with [ profile] imvfd, [ profile] desiringsubject, and two excellent cats. We maintain a spare bedroom for guests etc. [ profile] queenofhalves is renting one of the bedrooms part-time for massage and office space.

We are looking to form a close-knit dynamic. We're hoping to stay together in the long run, so if you like having sleepy coffee conversations in the early morning and sharing meals on the rare evenings when everyone's home, this may well be the house for you. We're happy to give a try to living with anyone with whom we have good chemistry, without locking them into any sort of long-term arrangement right away.

A child is Very Likely to be part of the deal in the next couple of years, and you must be ok with that. You don't have to BE their parent/guardian, but if they throw up, fall down, have a tantrum, catch a mouse or whatever right in front of you, you do have to pay attention and be a grownup.

One room is available 11/1. Because [ profile] queenofhalves is part-time, if you had a strong preference for the room she's renting, you could talk to her about switching. The rooms are of comparable size, both second-floor corner rooms with a set of three windows facing Powder House and one facing the side of the house. One has a slightly larger closet than the other.

SCD residents share bills, food, household supplies, etc. We have a monthly house meeting. We live much more communally than the other apartment does, but we live in association with them as well. All manner of diversity is welcome. We speak English, Spanish, Russian and Polish, and keep a pantry stocked with goodies from the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and exotic Northeastern U.S. We're interested in food (local, raw, homegrown, elaborate, intricate, baked, whole) in a lot of ways, but not to the point of obsessive. We like offering hospitality and hosting.

Like above, the rent may vary, but from about $425 to $600ish. When it's on the lower end of that spectrum, the total cost of living there most months hovers around $700 including food, which we share. (More, alas, in heating months. Less in more frugal and more summery months.) We have a washer (fancy! low energy usage!) and dryer, which we share with SI upstairs; a well stocked kitchen with a dishwasher; a huge wraparound porch and another small back porch, and a GARDEN. There is ample (damp) storage space in the basement.

To reply and inquire about either of these rooms: 126somethings AT gmail. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, or throw out long shots. I was a long shot, and that's working out swimmingly so far. And don't worry if you're not sure which room sounds better to you. Come on over. Have dinner. Look at them. Look at us. Pet the cats. (No cats in SI, allergen-free zone).

Feel free to ask around. We've got warts, and our ornery places, and also some great benefits. And if you're forwarded here and don't know us: we are just off the Tufts Campus, short walk from the Davis T, shorter from the Teele Square serving buslines.
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