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There's a room opening up on August 1st in the other apartment in my house. [ profile] barodar and [ profile] dimers would be your apartment-mates.

Room for rent steps from Tufts University--$510!

Nice well-lit room in a 3 bed/2 bath apartment across the street from Tufts available August 1.

--Rent is $510. Utilities not included. First month and security deposit required.
--Apartment is shared with two professional males who are generally quiet and keep to themselves. The house has two apartments full of geeky, liberal, poly/queer/LGBT friendly people. We keep a general open-door policy with the other apartment, and tend to be very friendly.
--Sorry, no pets! One of the roommates is allergic.
--Laundry in-house.
--Lots of on-street parking. [Somerville permit required. -vz]
-- Corner lot with great light
-- Kitchen equipped with gas stove, disposal, dishwasher
-- Sizeable balcony
-- short 10 minute walk to the Davis Square T Station
--The house is located at the Corner of Powderhouse Blvd. and Packard.
--Teele Square, Powderhouse Square, and a grocery store are only a few blocks away.
-- No smoking inside allowed.

If you or someone you know might be interested, please leave a comment here. Or contact them directly, even.
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