Mar. 4th, 2014

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Making this public for re-sharing purposes, but really this is local-ish -- say, New England to New York.

I'm still looking to rehome my two cats, 8 and 9, ish (one walked off the street, the other was a shelter kitty, so their ages are approximate). I've had them since they were each 1 or so. My allergies got a lot worse after I had Nico, and it's now time. Ideally, they'd go to a rural place where they could be indoor-outdoor. But there are many other fine options, I'm sure.

They are loving and smart and playful and not too destructive if steered in the right direction (frex, toward a scratcher). They are neutered/spayed, and have claws. I'm looking for a place that will take both of them together and NOT declaw them.

Aki, the older white cat with David Bowie eyes:

Nochka, the younger tiny runty feisty loving black cat:

They both love humans. They're both middle aged, and health issues are starting to creep in, but nothing serious yet that I know of. They're up to date on all their shots.

If you know anyone who might want to take them in, please let me know. If you have family or friends somewhere rural who could ask around, that would be amazing. If you know of any services that could help me find a good home without handing them over to a shelter, please also let me know. If I find them a great home whose only problem is being able to afford their care, I'd kick in up to $50/mo toward it.

Yeah, this is heart-rending.


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